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Respond, reset and renew so your business is ready for whatever comes next.

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Our workplaces and world have radically changed due to the COVID-19 virus. Instead of traveling several days a week to have meetings with clients as I was previously, I have rarely left my home over the past couple of months. While the country is slowly starting to reopen, virtual has now become the default for how we live and work. As a result, issues of safety, privacy and ethics are front of mind for us all, and resilience, confidence and trust have become pivotal.

However, we can also see much cause for optimism – and opportunity. Recent months have proved we are able to learn and adapt fast when we break with convention. What we buy, how we live and the way we work have changed forever, and faster than we could have imagined.

The Center for Information Systems Research at MIT Sloan School of Management notes that we have “an opportunity to rethink how we do business … This will include transforming your company to have an even better customer experience and more efficient operations.” Business continuity will remain a key priority, but you also need to set your sights on the long term. Now is a chance for leaders to reflect critically on new ways to drive value and rethink how business is done.

Rethink to Respond, Reset, and Renew your business

Most organizations will pass through three phases as they recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, organizations will be in Respond mode for the first three to six months, with an absolute focus on business continuity and getting back into control – enabling employees to work remotely and customers to continue to access goods and services from home, while maintaining core operations. 

Already, we‘re seeing many of our clients move beyond this phase to adopt a Reset mindset. They’re using the current global disruption as an opportunity to reconfigure their operating models to be more modular and scalable, and to rapidly iterate their product portfolios in response to changing market demands. 

Over the course of the coming 12 to 18 months, we expect organizations will increasingly shift their attention to how they can Renew and grow and position for the future. Business model innovation will be mobilized through experiments actively sponsored by the C-suite, while emerging technologies will help organizations drive increased efficiencies and differentiation in the market. 


Throughout these three phases, we encourage our clients to focus on five priorities to rethink how they do business:

  • Cost Containment and Optimization – Immediately reduce operational costs, moving to a scalable cost model and freeing up capital to accelerate growth opportunities.
  • Talent Agility – Empower your employees to respond to external changes efficiently and nimbly, while evolving to an optimal balance of staff, third parties and automation. 
  • A Resilient Core – Protect the core operations of your business and build a resilient and scalable operation that is flexible for the future.
  • Customer Care and Operations – Continue to be able to support the changing needs of your customers and create a capability to support new channels to market over time.
  • Products and Services – Rapidly respond to changes that affect your product portfolio to minimize disruptions and anticipate how products and services will evolve in the near and longer term.

Regardless, you can be sure the path ahead won’t be linear, so you’ll need to activate the full capabilities of your organization – both digital and human – to unlock operational efficiencies and create new revenue streams in response to changing market dynamics.

At Fpzsgroup, we’ve identified a list of factors to consider in these five areas at each stage of Respond, Reset and Renew. I invite you to contact us.

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The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.