Where low-code platforms can accelerate business

Low-code technologies offer the promise of effective “citizen development”, where business users can produce apps and virtual agents at speed with little to no IT intervention. Microsoft’s Power Platform combines the strengths of key products – Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents – to serve this business need.

Safe innovation at speed

In theory, low-code platforms can empower employees to accelerate business while reducing the workload on IT. In practice, it takes some special expertise and adaptive governance to turn low-code momentum into an intelligent, secure and repeatable advantage that helps your business evolve and compete. Like many other organizations seeking to be future ready with a modern workplace experience, we can help you:


Turn data access into business agility.

We can help you harness the cloud and democratize your data estate to accelerate employee productivity. How? Using a design-thinking approach, deep analytics knowledge and cross-industry best practices, we can help you create easy-to-use apps that connect to the most relevant data and insights across your organization - so your employees can act now.

Empower the business with self-service innovation.

We can help your employees produce new high-efficiency apps and workflows so they can better serve customers and identify new revenue opportunities. How? We blend together perpetual innovation services with extensive automation expertise to help your employees offload the burden of manual tasks to technology, so they can focus on driving efficiencies and new business.

Provide sensible guard rails that support innovation.

We can help you establish adaptive governance to create repeatable apps and virtual agents, providing safeguards for data and access integrity, and data privacy. How? Our low-code Center of Excellence (COE) approach provides trainings, templates, best practices for design, maintenance models, and more to help you embrace low-code technologies while staying secure and compliant.

We can help you guide and grow your low-code momentum.

Fpzsgroup helps bring IT and the Business together to drive sustainable impact from low-code technologies like Microsoft Power Platform.

As one of the most trusted Microsoft implementation services provider worldwide, we bring years of experience helping clients transform by using and connecting technology across their ecosystem. Thanks to our unique heritage and strong alliance with Microsoft, we maintain a strong relationship with Microsoft’s product team. This helps us better understand technologies like Power Platform – and how to best connect them across enterprise ecosystems – so we can deliver more value to our clients.

Our holistic services include strategy, data and analytics, design, technology and managed services.

Analyst recommendations:

Cross-functional talent and end-to-end services:

  • Global advisory practice to co-create and orchestrate practical strategies that drive outcomes faster
  • Full-service Digital Innovation Studios and experience design practice 
  • Over 50 analytics professionals and deep knowledge of Power BI
  • automation experts, 500+ successful automations for over 200 clients
  • Managed services with 24×7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous industrialized operating mode.

Low-code doesn’t work alone

Create a better employee and customer experience with connected, intelligent technologies.

Business Applications

Intelligent business applications enable industry insight to help you predict and lead.


Analytics and AI

Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.


Modern Workplace

To boost competitive advantage, think beyond EX with modern platforms and optimized technology.


Cloud and Application Services

Delivering speed and transformation.



Keep your data and IP safe and accessible to unleash growth, cut costs and drive collaboration.


UX Design

Build creative, customer-centric experiences to win more business.


Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.