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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent business applications (CRM and ERP) that can help you run your entire business and deliver greater results through predictive, AI-driven insights. When properly integrated, it allows organizations to see business and customer data in one place, share that data across lines of business, and enable a more proactive approach to accelerate business results.

Fpzsgroup’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 services provide companies a consistent, high-quality, and predictable way to enable employees and connect the entire customer experience. We offer strategic advice and technology solutions that span sales and marketing, intelligent customer service, connected field service, modern finance and operations, and ecommerce. And as the market leader for Dynamics 365 implementation and solutions, we are helping organizations rethink how to get more value from these technology investments.


Are you maximizing your investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX/365?

Implementation is, unfortunately, very often focused on how systems are installed, how to get them working, and then the project is ended with a discussion of support at a technical level. The whole implementation, in other words, is driven more from the perspective of getting systems working, rather than driven by the business and its ever-evolving priorities.

If this has been the case, it becomes important to review the extent to which the ERP system is delivering the expected value, which parts of the system are working well, and which need fine-tuning. Ideally, businesses should look at ERP implementation as a continuous improvement program of linking technology to their business and adapting systems to match industry trends and market conditions on an ongoing basis. This is especially the case with Microsoft Dynamics, which has rapidly evolved to become a platform offering considerable integration and many possible routes for extension, as opposed to discrete applications.

But the reality is that not many businesses have conducted this post-implementation analysis. It’s a difficult and time-consuming to implement ERP systems in the first place – and, as a result, many businesses are reluctant to revisit the experience, or feel it would occupy too much of their time.

Investing for tomorrow

So, returning to the theme of a business slowdown, one very appropriate way to potentially turn adversity into an advantage, in parallel to the critical assessment outlined above, is to conduct an appraisal of your systems while there’s perhaps less pressure to immediately deal with new orders and projects. 

Again, an independent view can be invaluable in helping businesses align their ERP systems with current and emerging priorities. Investment here can significantly de-risk a business’s ability to cope with changes in coming months and allow for greater agility in reacting to new circumstances. 

Changes to your systems are no panacea for major market downturns. But it is undoubtedly a positive response to adjust and optimise those systems to respond better to new realities. It’s likely that the technology you use can do more to support you in these difficult times, especially if the initial project was focused on technical rather than commercial concerns. So now may be the opportune time to take a fresh look at how your ERP investment might be exploited to the fullest.

Think you could be getting more from your Microsoft Dynamics AX/365 applications? Our advisory service conducts a comprehensive analysis to provide practical advice and plans to maximize your investment.

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