Enable effective remote working at speed with Microsoft Teams

You need to keep your business moving. That’s why today more than ever – it’s time for Teams. Microsoft is making Teams available to all organizations. Fpzsgroup is here to help you put the power of Teams to work, at the heart of your Workplace Experience transformation.

Discover what Microsoft Teams can do for your business.

Teams builds on Skype for Business and SharePoint to provide intelligent collaboration with access to telephony, video and web conferencing, messaging and ad hoc meetings. But it can also open a world of possibilities for your business, including the ability to:

  • Redesign experiences, services and processes
  • Create powerful custom applications more quickly and easily
  • Provide a connected workplace experience to make your teams more effective

It’s time for Teams - Possibilities beyond your expectations

Microsoft’s hub for intelligent collaboration can create a distinctive workplace experience for employees –and add real value for your employees and customers.

Most companys are aware of Teams’ capabilities as a communications platform but haven’t explored how Teams can be used as a collaboration, application and integration platform to create rich experiences for employees. This opens up a world of possibilities, including the ability to:

1.Redesign banking experiences

Through greater collaboration you can modify processes and speed up approval – for banks it can  help with loans or mortgages, developing new proposals for commercial or wealth clients, preparing research notes or hiring staff faster.

2. Work across the entire department

Cross-functional team working is essential for innovation. Teams will reduce the silos across departments and product lines, making it easier to share best practices and access solutions in other parts of the company. This can also be extended to include ecosystem partners.

3. Support your frontline employees

Whether it’s your retail branch staff, your corporate account managers or investment specialists, you can communicate better, train, coach and reward those interacting daily with customers.

4. Promote a better and more integrated EX

Keep your workforce engaged and motivated through video, document sharing and virtual ideation. Set and share operational targets, assess the footfall impact of a new branch design and work on campaigns with external agencies. Use Teams to turn employees into brand ambassadors.

Teams helps set up live events quickly:

A financial services client recently approached us to set up a live, interactive online event on cybersecurity within seven days. They needed help on live event production and lacked the necessary expertise and tools required to make this happen. We used Microsoft Teams live events and worked with Microsoft’s Office 365 to implement the event successfully. We even managed three rehearsals! This has led to ongoing discussions and the CEO now wishes to adopt this approach for forthcoming presentations.

How to make Teams work for you

When used effectively, Teams provides a catalyst for communication and camaraderie among your frontline workforce and management. It allows frontline workers to know what’s happening with co-workers and management in the moment, on devices they are familiar with and can easily access.

One of the major strengths of Teams is the critical role that it plays in change management, enabling workplace culture and driving superior employee experience.

You have many options, such as deploying specific components of Teams to add collaboration to your existing environment or deploying Teams entirely to replace that environment. Microsoft has designed Teams to scale to very large numbers of employees and we have in-depth experience in helping companies to make the most of these possibilities, especially for complex interoperability scenarios.

We can help

We can help you adopt Teams as part of a broader drive to transform the workplace experience. With our unmatched expertise in Teams, we can help you understand your options and what Teams can do for you, whatever your priority and wherever you are on your workplace experience journey. We can also help you navigate around potential challenges, such as building the broadest business case, integrating with third-party tools, and knowing when new features are mature enough to meet your needs.

Our experienced advisory and change management teams work alongside our technology adoption teams to help deploy and adopt Teams in a way that makes sense to you. We can assist with your strategy, roadmap and adoption in a way that is tailored to match where you are starting from and where you’d like to get to.

Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.