Using Data and AI to equip you when you need it most

Data, analytics and AI have the power to help you build market agility in a world of exponential change. The power of AI to help you get the most out of your people, process and technology is unparalleled, and the need has never been greater. Data is the lifeblood of many organizations, but is your organization making the most of it? In a recent Fpzsgroup AI survey, most organizations are in their infancy when it comes to AI adoption.

At Fpzsgroup, we help you realize results in a digital world through business technology solutions and managed services that combine insight, innovation and expertise focused on Microsoft technologies. It starts with the Microsoft analytics and AI stack. Experience the best of both worlds with Fpzsgroup: the reliability of a traditional systems integrator and the agility and creativity of a digital agency – and the industry knowledge to bring it all together.

“Fpzsgroup helped us choose the right  AI technologies, define how we should use those technologies in combination, and get the concepts right. They helped develop our functional design and have been valuable partners and trusted advisers in so many ways. Together, we’re bringing big ideas to life.”

Kelvin Smart  Head of  cloud technologies,  Bluer Techology

Use the power of data and AI for new results

Microsoft Data Platform

Microsoft Data Platform When you’re working with data, you want to be able to crunch, twist, add, cut, slice and dice information – plus secure it, manage and govern it in many ways. Microsoft and Fpzsgroup can help, whether you want to harness data on-premises, accelerate insights and predictive analytics from the cloud, integrate intelligence into your applications or leverage AI to empower your innovation agenda. We make it easy for you to use Microsoft’s data platform, no matter where you’re starting from or going to. We build it, run it and can even manage it for you. We can also help you accelerate your move to the cloud. This enables you to take advantage of high availability, reduced costs, data protection, security and agile development, all backed by Microsoft Azure, the only Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in enterprise cloud storage.

Microsoft SQL Server

When it comes to managing your data, Microsoft’s database management system (DBMS) vision is the most complete and rated the highest for ability to execute. SQL Server offers scalability, performance and availability for mission-critical intelligent applications and data warehouses. It also connects you to real-time intelligence and end-to-end mobile BI with your choice of languages and platforms. With a full selection of implementation versions, we can help you embrace MSQL, NoSQL, MariaDB, use virtual machines and use SQL Server in the cloud. Fpzsgroup is No. 1 in certified professionals for developing Azure web services and implementing Azure infrastructure solutions. Plus, we’ve helped more clients use Azure than any other partner.

Microsoft Azure and Azure Machine Learning

If you’re trying to make a leap instead of a steady progression, Microsoft Azure can help. Azure is a cloud set of over 100 services, which are always expanding and designed to help you increase productivity, develop and deploy cloud where you need and want it, and integrate intelligent applications and services. One of the most popular Azure services is Azure Machine Learning, which enables computers to learn from data and experiences and then act on that information without human intervention. It features an experimentation platform for cloud to edge services, Azure Machine Learning Studio for fail-fast experimentation and Data Science Virtual Machines with preconfigured environments for data scientists. We can help you get started. Through our design-led analytics workshops, we help you envision the possibilities of new products, new business models, operational efficiencies, advanced customer experiences and more.

Use the power of data and AI for new results

Microsoft Cognitive Services

If you’re thinking of pushing the boundaries on how you optimize your operations, introduce and create new services or augment your team’s capabilities, artificial intelligence can help. Microsoft Cognitive Services enables you to integrate AI into your websites, bots and applications, providing human-like capabilities to address your business challenges and applications. Learn how we’ve applied artificial intelligence and Microsoft Cognitive Services with our clients.

Power Platform

Low-code technologies offer the promise of effective “citizen development”, where business users can produce apps and virtual agents at speed with little to no IT intervention. Microsoft’s Power Platform combines the strengths of key products - Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents – to serve this business need, enabling your team to take smart actions, leading to smart decisions and business results. With tools like Microsoft Power Platform, Fpzsgroup can help you accelerate your use of Power Platform for enterprise scale so you can understand your data, connect it to business processes, and communicate your insights in new ways drive internal efficiencies and improve your customer experiences in real-time.

Azure IoT Edge

If you’re trying to get data and insights from your IoT devices and integrate them directly with your data warehouse, Azure IoT Edge may be your answer. It connects AI, cloud and edge computing and links to your devices. You can quickly and easily deploy complex event processing, machine learning, image recognition and other AI capabilities. We can help you harness your IoT devices and synthesize the information that can be incorporated into your business in real-time. This provides greater agility and faster response to the data and insights.

Benefit from our global analytics expertise

Fpzsgroup is a leading integrator and innovator of Microsoft analytics and AI solutions. We have:

  • Analytics professionals worldwide.
  • Data engineers
  • Implemented analytics systems for more than 550 clients.
  • AI practitioners
  • Cognitive service experts.

Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.