Manage and evolve your portfolio

“With the products and features that Fpzsgroup has helped us create, the typical user saves time. Our ability to create these types of features more than doubles with Fpzsgroup . These features help to increase revenue because it helps us improve our primary product that we sell to our customers.”

In an “always-on” digital world, enterprises are challenged to capitalize on new technologies with limited resources and experience at the speed the business expects.

Fpzsgroup  managed services can help you continually evolve your custom and commercial application portfolio and infrastructure at speed and scale, maximizing your historical investment and reducing the burden on internal resources. We help ensure end-to-end security with expert configuration and intelligent monitoring and keep platforms evergreen to exploit the latest capabilities and security features.

Realize the business benefits of managed services

Fpzsgroup is a managed services specialist within the Microsoft technology ecosystem. We combine consultative services with 24×7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous industrialized operating model.

We can help you benefit from the business value of managed services. You’ll love the results. But don’t just take our word for it. Fpzsgroup Application Managed Services:

  • Payback period 10 months. ROI: 433%
  • $6.83 million additional revenue per organization
  • 50% faster application development
  • 45% more efficient core IT operations
  • 65% less unplanned downtime

Delivery: Go faster with managed services

We can help you deliver digital customer experiences at speed with our Digital Marketing Managed Services. Our approach brings together the technologies you need from the partners you trust – all in one place. This enables you to focus on delivering the most innovative digital experience to customers with speed, agility and scale.

Fpzsgroup’s completely managed service is built on the Sitecore Experience Platform, designed, optimized and delivered through Microsoft Azure.

Application Managed Services:

Securely unlock the value of the Microsoft cloud

Digital native companies and traditional competitors are increasing business agility by unlocking the value of the cloud. This helps them respond to change quickly, get to market faster and create new digital business models that solve customer problems.

Businesses must respond in order to survive and thrive but most companies are not prepared to do so. In today’s market you need to be prepared for anything. You need to be Ready by Design. 

Being ready is about more than just cloud projects, it’s about taking a holistic approach to your business evolution. Our approach focuses on the six elements of cloud success and will help you securely unlock the value of the cloud while leveraging historical investments through application modernization, maximizing the short- and long-term value delivered to the business.

Transform applications into adaptive services

Let your applications drive your infrastructure

Create new levels of efficiency in your operations

Unite IT and finance to promote visibility and accountability for cloud consumption

Implement effective governance and compliance

When it comes to security data is the new perimeter

“From our experience with Microsoft, we knew it had the best mobility, security and cloud solution for us with the most complete set of services. And we knew that Fpzsgroup was the best partner to work with given its deep insight and skill set with Microsoft technology. We couldn’t have made our successful journey to the cloud without their leading-edge services.”

Kenneth odigie CTO,  Henkel

Our managed services expertise

A powerful joint venture between Microsoft and Fpzsgroup is well positioned to help you manage and evolve your application portfolio.

  • We have partnered with Advanced high delivery Technology Centers around the world. We have over 100  skilled professionals.
  • Our organization has more than 500 Microsoft certifications, including 25 Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).
  • Our intelligent delivery platform is cognitive and automated with process blueprints.
  • Our delivery platform uses integrated tools, technology and industry assets, and delivery governance to reduce costs through industrialization.
  • Continual transformation capabilities are built into your service to ensure you make the most of the latest technologies to drive business growth.

We’ll help you:

  • Understand and choose the right cloud approach with portfolio assessments and pilot migrations.
  • Create a business case and implementation roadmap using our envisioning expertise.
  • Accelerate rapid development of AI driven models at scale to drive new business growth.
  • Modernize applications that enhance the scale, cost and flexibility of the cloud, while still retaining control and extending the value of existing systems.
  • Standardize and consolidate your IT infrastructure, to help strengthen governance and reduce risk.
  • Drive security and compliance at every step of your Azure implementation.
  • Leverage preconfigured and integrated Azure platform services like AI, IoT, analytics and DevOps to name just a few.

To become ready by design, you need to do more than just execute cloud projects. You need to take a holistic approach to your cloud transformation. With our expertise and experience, you can take advantage of the speed, scale and economics of the Microsoft cloud while avoiding common pitfalls.

You want to accelerate your move to the cloud and optimize efficiency. We can get you there

Making the decision to move to the cloud is just the first step. To go further, you need a partner that’s been there and can help you navigate the path.

Fpzsgroup is a leading provider of Microsoft cloud technologies and we’ve implemented some of the largest and most complex enterprise deployments on Microsoft Azure. We deliver infrastructure, applications and services to successfully lead you to cloud maturity, enabling you to respond to demand and become a more agile business.

We can help you plan and implement every step of your cloud journey, with solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. Our proven end-to-end approach ensures seamless integration of existing systems and data into public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.