Creating impact in the global humanitarian sector through the power of digital technology

Our purpose is to make a genuine human impact. Through Fpzsgroup’s Technology for non-profit partnership with Microsoft, we are committed to helping nonprofit organizations and the social sector fulfill their missions and accelerate their digital transformation.

We are proud to bring our 20+ years of experience helping organizations across industries and sectors to help nonprofits unlock unique, relevant, repeatable and affordable digital solutions built upon the Microsoft common data model for nonprofits. We additionally leverage our Advisory practice, and co-create across Microsoft’s three Clouds (Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365) to make a human impact and allow nonprofits to be Future Ready.

Empowering non-profits through digital technology

At Fpzsgroup, we care about the people and communities where we work and live. We want to bring the power of the cloud and digital technology to non-profit organizations to digitally transform their workplaces and accelerate their social impact.

We know that non-profits and the social sector as a whole face systemic challenges in using technology. They lack scalable industry solutions and technology talent. In addition, they face accelerating financial pressure stemming from the lack of affordable technology services – cloud services in particular. Couple this with the increasing need for cybersecurity and the demands of donors for more transparency, and it’s easy to see that systemic change is needed.

Creating change through technology

We can help bring about the change needed and make a genuine human impact with our Technology for Social Good program, which consists of repeatable solutions, tailored to the specific needs of the non-profit sector. Solutions include Donor Management and Fundraising, Volunteer Management, Grant and Award Management, Sourcing and Supply, to name a few.

Our goal is to become a trusted partner to non-profits for delivering Microsoft technologies globally. As Microsoft’s leading alliance partner, we can provide affordable technology services for IT strategy, delivery and training for the non-profit market – helping to create significant social impact through the power of technology.

Know your supporters. Grow your support

The competition for support amongst nonprofits is now at its highest. More and more causes are fighting for the same pool of money, volunteer time and advocacy. Supporters are much more attuned to the world we live in, the issues we face, and feel a bilateral responsibility to local and global issues. The digital citizen is better informed than any past generation and has a wealth of assets at their disposal for informed decision-making.

By knowing and understanding the needs, motivations, and nuances of their donors and volunteers, charities can establish and nurture a long and mutually profitable relationship with their supporters. It’s what we call hyper-personalization.

35% of Amazon’s consumer purchases come from product recommendations based on past purchases

The way that charities will succeed is to know and understand their supporter base intimately, specifically:

  • their sense of purpose and what motivates them
  • how they want to engage, volunteer and give
  • what they want in return.

By knowing their supporters, charities can grow their support and be future ready.

Recommendations: How to put your nonprofit on a pathway to future ready

Getting to future ready isn’t easy and requires re-envisioning your organization.

If you were launching your nonprofit now from scratch, where would you start given the current lay of the land and the current technology?

Start with the lens of the beneficiary: How can you make the biggest impact for them?

1.Look for the speedbumps to digitizing work.

Find the things that make it hard to work efficiently and identify opportunities to do better. Is it the lack of the right tools and technologies? Inefficient processes?

2. Focus on improving the employee experience.

Are you investing in your employees’ development? Providing interesting work? And are you investing in the digital capabilities that make work easier?

3. Invest in working digitally.

Look for new ways to work more effectively. Tools and technologies play a role, but also consider new approaches, new models for collaboration.  

4. Build an ecosystem to expand your digital capabilities.

Don’t try to go it alone. Have you identified partners that can help you build your reach and impact? Are you willing to share goals, information and benefits?

Unlocking innovative digital solutions for nonprofits

At Fpzsgroup, we’re committed to helping drive that change. Through our Technology for Social Good or non-profit. We’re working with nonprofit organizations and the social sector to fulfill their missions and increase their impact through the power of digital transformation.

Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.