Rethink your digital health care strategy

Blazing the trail of health care transformation

The health care industry faces unprecedented times as the delivery structure for health services changes quickly. Traditional health care lines are not just blurring but are moving fast to keep up with the pace of change. Technology is needed now more than ever to help support the industry during this rapid evolution.

We help our health care clients realize the power of the Microsoft platform and its ability to handle the complexity of the health care ecosystem. Using tools that are part of a true platform enables us to solve more than one problem at a time. We couple our vast experience with the Microsoft platform to help our health care clients blaze the trail of transformation. We do this by bringing together these powerful capabilities:

  • Advanced data analytics, including the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  • The creation of engaging and personalized experiences for patients, members, clinicians and employees
  • The redesign of workflows into efficient and optimized operational models
  • Digitalization and the use of automation for transforming critical areas across the care continuum

“If we truly want to have an impact on seemingly incurable diseases like ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dozens of others, large scale, coordinated and collaborative efforts aided by technology are the best way to rapidly move forward.”

Steven Andrew
head of  chronic disease Research Team Oakwood Clinic, 

Health care should never be unprepared again

Increased demand for health care services, higher patient acuity and demand for new care delivery capabilities have revealed vulnerabilities in health care systems around the world putting technology on a fast track past innovation into practice.

Learn how health care organizations and providers are using advanced cloud technologies, AI-powered solutions and smart inventory systems to change how care is safely delivered for renewed growth and resilience.

Health care have to focus on key virtual technologies and AI-powered intelligence to help health care organizations respond, reset and renew while continuing to make a human impact.

1. Virtual health

Working in a complex care environment, doctors, nurses and other health care staff need access to tools that enable collaborative workflows and help keep doctors, staff and patients safer from the spread of infectious diseases. Doctors can conduct virtual hospital rounds, inpatient visits and consult with colleagues using digital boards and other communication platforms. However, these types of commercial messaging products are not always designed to ensure the security of protected patient information being shared. 

As a leading digital innovator on the Microsoft ecosystem, Fpzsgroup works to ensure the right security level is in place to protect information and meet any required regulations.

2. Smart inventory

The health care industry has been hard hit with shortages in personal protective equipment, ventilators and other medical equipment. Clinical continuity has been disrupted and in some cases care delayed. 

Most health care organizations need the tools to better track and gain visibility over critical resources like available beds and scarce supplies, including ventilators and masks.

Moving forward, technology capable of collecting, analysing and predicting supply and demand will be essential to ensure personal protective equipment and other supplies are available.

At Fpzsgroup, our Smart Inventory accelerator can improve the availability and accuracy of supply chain metrics, including inventory, on-shelf availability, over and understock, shrinkage, labor hours and customer satisfaction across store locations.

3. AI-powered virtual agents

AI-powered virtual agents help health care providers and staff manage fluctuations in demand, and can quickly respond with consistent, clear direction for a better health care experience.

AI-powered virtual agents perform multiple tasks such as check symptoms or help call centers respond to simple immediate needs. Moving forward, virtual agents can also make information legible and analysable, so clinicians and front-line workers are able to rapidly focus on the highest areas of concern.

With the use of automatic speech recognition, virtual agents help break down language barriers by conversing in the language of choice so individuals can understand, make the best health choices and take appropriate actions.

Health care organizations should also use virtual assistants to help reduce workload for care providers and staff. With robotic process automation (RPA), a form of business process automation technology, virtual assistants automate multiple routine repetitive functions so providers and workers can focus on patients and more high priority tasks.

4. Rapid response and tracing

With advanced technology, health care institutions, public agencies and even front-line workers can monitor databases to understand where COVID-19 cases have been confirmed and model the spread over time to understand how the progression of the disease may impact operational abilities.

By understanding where cases exist and where more will likely spread and/or be contained, health care organizations as well as businesses and retail services will be able to better prepare for spikes and predict the potential impact. With this information, virtual agents help communicate response protocols keeping citizens and patients up to date with answers.


There was a need to keep health workers and frontline response teams in sync with with  information regarding inventory, supplies, breakouts and responding units


Within a period of seven days, Our Microsoft team built and tested the Microsoft Teams integration, including the implementation of a full support model for over 200,000 users. Professionals and others are now able to use the platform to securely send instant messages, complete audio and video calls, and host virtual meetings between users nationwide.


Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.