Delivering successful transformations for Capital Markets firms

Fpzsgroup is a global software engineering, design and digital strategy firm with deep expertise expediting business transformation for the enterprise. As a leading digital consultancy, Fpzsgroup earned a reputation for excellence, delivering large-scale transformation programs in the Capital Markets industry.

Forecasting the future of capital markets

We’re problem solvers and strategists. Our industry-leading teams create tailored solutions, from developing highly secure real-time trading systems to providing data and critical insights into their businesses. Fpzsgroup solutions address your business’ critical areas, including client experience, regulatory compliance, risk management, market data, and trading across all asset classes.


Our expertise in capital markets


Industry credibility and expertise:
Over 20 years of experience building technology products and platforms for the capital markets industry.


Global presence:
Servicing all of the top-tier capital markets firms nationwide with offices in major financial hubs, including Lagos and Abuja.


Market-relevant knowledge and skills:
Over 200 consultants around the globe, combining industry knowledge with strategy, design and technical skillsets.


Industry solutions:
Custom application development and user experience design for capital markets.

Three tips to implement design-led thinking for Capital Markets

1. Define the vision.

The goal of design-led thinking is not always to create a beautiful, shiny trading platform or AI-informed advisor chatbot, although tools like these can and often are parts of solutions to problems. The true goal of design-led thinking is not to start with the idea (chatbots are so in right now), but uncover a vision of a “preferred future” and leverage our tools – data, technology, platforms, customer insights and thoughtful UX/UI – to create comprehensive solutions that will drive value for users, and unlock trading efficiencies or revenue (or both!) for firms.

2. Avoid embarking on a massive design-led overhaul. 

Capital markets firms have multiple, competing priorities – MiFID II, Basel IV and now GDPR compliance; competing with agile fintechs; attracting and retaining talent; building trust with new investor demographics; generating returns for shareholders; and balancing legacy brands and reputation with innovation messaging.

Digital innovation demands up-front investment, and securing stakeholder endorsement for projects can be challenging. But small projects can act as case studies, illustrating the value that technological investment generates. As firms deploy smaller, digital solutions that unlock efficiencies or revenue, they can reinvest that surplus into additional work.

3. Develop multi-disciplinary teams.

This is a key piece of the collaborative, co-creative, design-led thinking process. By combining diverse backgrounds and job titles, including digital strategists, technologists, developers, visual designers, UX designers and analytics consultants — each with a thorough understanding of the capital markets — we craft an innovative cocktail of professionals. Each team member brings a different perspective to a given problem, and this diversity of opinion and expertise helps drive creativity and generates more lasting and impactful solutions.

New technologies unlock limitless potential in all aspects of our world today, and especially in capital markets, where legacy systems are a drag on efficiency and security. But this kind of change is daunting – if not downright frightening – for leaders. Design-led thinking provides a roadmap for innovation, a framework around which to organize problems, solutions and teams – it’s at once a beacon of hope and a roadmap for financial innovators. The change will not be easy, but the cost of stagnation is dire. “Wait and see” is not a strategy. But “design, test and see” is. And it’s working.


Next steps

The current global disruption requires you to make changes – quickly. Fpzsgroup combines the business strategy, agile innovation and deep Microsoft technology expertise to help you rethink, so you can transform faster and smarter.