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Healthcare in the digital age

Consumers today are demanding greater control over their healthcare. In fact, 74 percent of patients feel it is important for their medical providers to offer electronic capabilities.* At the same time, healthcare providers are being pushed to deliver more services to more people with limited budgets.

Compounding these trends is a shortage of skilled professionals, increased procedural costs and a shift from volume to value in care delivery. The result: Many health organizations are looking to digital technology to address these challenges.

The benefits of a digital patient experience

FourPointZero helps healthcare businesses align their IT and digital business strategies, enabling them to become successful digital enterprises. We provide solutions for this high-touch and highly regulated sector that deliver benefits for patients and employees. Digital customer: Enhanced patient experiences that result in greater loyalty, quality of care and stronger relationships. Digital workplace: Empowered employees with the right information at their fingertips to support decision-making.

Our healthcare expertise

Much like retailers, healthcare companies must provide a convenient and personal service to their customers. Virtual care, patient personalization, mobile access and social collaboration are among the ways digital technology is revolutionizing healthcare delivery. FourPointZero has helped some of the most successful healthcare providers and payer organizations realize results through technology. We have in-depth experience providing digital healthcare solutions that enhance not only patient experiences and quality of care, but also security, privacy and compliance. Working with our partner  Microsoft, FourPointZero offers an unmatched combination of industry and technical expertise.