Enable the future of work to drive engagement, productivity and business value

Is your organization trying to address these sorts of issues?
  • How do we attract and retain top talent?
  • How can we communicate and collaborate more effectively?
  • How do we meet the needs of a multigenerational workforce?
  • How can we keep ahead of the competition in a fast-paced, global business environment?
If these questions resonate, you need to establish a digital culture and environment that engages your employees to achieve more. For today’s workers, that means creating the ultimate digital workplace tailored to their needs and expectations: fast, flexible, mobile and with instant access to data. FourPointZero helps you envision how your employees need to work in the future to drive engagement, productivity and business value. With our help, you will create the right digital adoption strategy, deploy personalized productivity and communication tools and configure those tools to support the daily work of your employees. We use the latest technologies from the Microsoft ecosystem to make it happen. These compliant and secure systems provide integrated, engaging and powerful solutions that leap beyond incremental improvements to a digitally transformed workplace.

The benefits of a digital employee experience

  • A more productive and social way of working
  • The ability to attract and retain top talent, including millennials
  • Intelligent technology that adapts to the context of your workforce
  • A more engaging user experience
  • Always-on, secure and cross-platform mobile working
  • Cloud-ready optimization of your digital platforms and tools
  • Anywhere access to the right information and analytics
  • Responsive design and seamless integration with your back-end systems