Sales and service are one: engaged sales and service employees working together will drive higher customer loyalty

"Did you know … Today, nearly 90% of companies believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition. Key to delivering a great customer experience is to have highly engaged sales and service employees, willing to deliver their best every day. As the saying goes: “engaged happy employees make for happy returning customers.” But faced with sophisticated customers, fragmented channels and overwhelming data, many sales and service teams are having a hard time making the right decisions at the right time to deliver customer loyalty and lifetime value. FourPointZero Digital Sales and Service tackles this challenge by providing your sales and service employees with the power of digital channels and consolidated insight. Co-create winning experiences with your

The benefits of digital sales and service

Working with hundreds of organizations globally across numerous industries, we redefine your sales and service experience to help you:
  • Improve sales and lower costs
  • Boost customer loyalty and retain profitable customers
  • Reduce sales/service person turnover
  • Provide predictive maintenance
  • Handle the customer once and done – first time resolution
  • Make customer self-service simple and easy to access