Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Build better analytics – build better outcomes

Let’s face it, we all have a lot more data that we can use – right? Data is everywhere, and many organizations are looking to extract more value from their business analytics solutions. It’s no longer acceptable to hoard your most valuable data in a silo. The power of bringing your data together across business units, geographies, systems, sensors and more is becoming the key business differentiator of a digitally transformed business.

We can help you take that data and build better business analytics, which leads to better outcomes. We can make the most of your data by addressing your specific data-intensive processes and existing business analytics systems. Or we can start with your larger data, analytics and AI strategy to support your digital transformation vision.

Our approach focuses on the full analytics cycle

We take a holistic approach that focuses on the full analytics cycle: socialize, operationalize and industrialize. We often start small, which helps prove the value of your vision, setting you up for the next milestones.

Socialize: We focus on how to bring people together to collaborate with and around data, analytics and AI. We help you break down your data silos, enable self-service, build insights engines using the power of cloud and advanced analytics, and harness data lakes.

Operationalize: We help make your data part of your working culture. That includes integrating new datasets and sensor data, and industrializing your data systems to embrace new, varied and external data. In addition, we work with you to create and implement the necessary process changes.

Industrialize: Finally, we help you develop governance and management standards to set you up for the future. And we can run it all for you too.

The benefits of business analytics: Comprehensive, connected, scaled

Our business analytics capabilities help you infuse intelligence into your business, providing a range of benefits:

  • Enterprise analytics strategy, specific to your industry and organization
  • Robust IT infrastructure and roadmaps for your analytics platform, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Personalized customer and employee experiences fueled by intelligence at your fingertips
  • Bridge the talent gap in deep advanced analytics applied to your business problems
  • A sustainable data universe with built-in security, scalability, governance and maintenance to let you go as fast as you want to, today and tomorrow
  • Pre-configured analytics platform solutions for scalability and agility


Intelligent Customer Engagement

20% to 30% cost reduction and 30% to 50% productivity gain through automation, personalization and intervention

Intelligent Patient Services

3% to 5% topline growth and 40% to 50% productivity gain through automation, rapid insights and targeted intervention

Intelligent Revenue Growth

1% to 3% brand uplift through predictive marketing, personalization and recommendations

Intelligent Asset

20% to 30% operational savings and 50% to 75% reduction in downtime through predictive and pre-emptive asset management

Intelligent Supply Chain

50% to 70% productivity improvement and 99% reduction in errors across manufacturing, logistics, distribution and warehouse

Intelligent Fraud and Investigation

Resource optimization to meet regulatory requirements and intercept Azure Machine Learning (AML)/fraud

Intelligent Automation Finance and Accounting

20% to 40% client cost savings through automation of financial planning, reporting, audit, invoicing, accounts receivable/accounts payable

It takes tech too

We also bring the technical capabilities needed to deliver the human-centered AI experience for your organization. These include: Microsoft Data Platform, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, Power BI and Azure IoT Edge.

Benefit from our AI expertise

We work with clients to help them gain the full value of human-centered AI. Our expertise includes:

  • 400 AI practitioners
  • 300 cognitive service experts
  • 1,000 data engineers
  • 4,200 business excellence and automation experts
  • 6,000 automations to date for 350 clients
  • 3,500 analytics professionals
  • 550 analytics systems enterprise clients

Emeka Ogbuka Chiegbo

Emeka Ogbuka Chiegbo is an IT consultant e.g. E-commerce, digital marketing, Web design, Software, voice & data IP network, Unified communications,& Cloud Application.

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