We operate with a pioneering spirit

Our long history is filled with firsts. We’ve developed some of the world’s largest partnership and best quality services and operations in three arms of business (Technology, Agro commodities & Solid minerals and Haulage services), and our people work in around 5 countries across the African continent. We’ve led the industry in partnerships, with customers in new markets, and with local communities. We’ve pioneered technological innovations in Technology business, Mine of the Future™ Programme and our low-CO2 aluminum from hydro power, Agro commodities. And we’ve paved the way in areas such as safety, transparency and building legacy management.

Yet, it’s not just about our past.
We continue to pioneer progress for a better future. Through research and innovation, we’re helping businesses meet their needs, society in a growing and changing world. What we do brings benefits for our people, clients, partners the communities in which we operate, and beyond.

We produce essential business advise responsibly

Our advisory is essential to making modern business and life work. You’ll find them on smartphones, planes, cars, hospitals, homes and industry verticals. Our activities help business, economic growth and communities prosper.

And all underpinned by an absolute commitment to business value, safety – for our people, contractors, and the communities in which we operate – and to minimizing our environmental impact.

We partner for human and business progress

The strength of our partnerships – with our people, the industries and communities we work with, the countries where we operate, our customers and suppliers – is what makes human and business progress possible.

We partner with industry leaders in developing possible business solutions and services, our partnership with enterprise and SME businesses who seek better ways to operate gives them a value proposition to trust in us. And we work with NGOs nationwide to address some of mankind’s most fundamental challenges: how to grow more food, make better use of water, extend access to health care, and reconcile enhanced living standards while minimizing the impact on the planet through the best-practice technology landscape.
We also partner with the communities in which we operate, sharing the wealth and benefits of what we do with local people, through employment, skills and education, and local economic development initiatives that aim to build self-sustaining communities long after we’re gone.