Get closer to your customers with digital

Millennials – the first truly digital generation – are the largest group of shoppers ever. They’re a trillion-dollar demographic that spends wisely, shops in completely new ways and wants to directly engage with brands. To win their loyalty, consumer goods and services (CG&S) companies are using digital technology to shelve old business models and find new, innovative routes to market. In a crowded, rapidly changing marketplace, digital is unwrapping new potential and delivering growth for switched-on CG&S businesses.

Digital benefits shoppers and sellers

Digital is the key to driving growth in the consumer goods and services market. And it’s here to stay.  Digital solutions and services help enterprises realize significant improvements in sales, profitability and productivity by empowering the people who are essential to success: customers and employees.  Digital customer: Engage customers using digital technology to manage your brand across channels, create interactions, improve experiences, and drive sales and loyalty.  Digital workplace: Create a next-generation digital workplace with tools that give your employees better customer insights to improve sales and support team productivity.

Our consumer goods and services expertise

From Unilever to Treasury Wine Estates, some of the world’s leading consumer goods companies rely on our services to innovate, get to market faster and achieve business goals at lower cost. We offer a complete package of digital solutions, from Digital Marketing to Unified Communications and Collaboration. We can help deliver your digital strategy to reach and engage customers, and improve the productivity and performance of employees. We’ll show you new ways of operating that drive growth while controlling costs.